We have 2 AMC Theatres in Ocean County and it's a "huge" possibility that we might not be going to an AMC Movie Theatre again.

It's true, we could see AMC Theatres go "bye-bye" because of the coronavirus pandemic. The world's largest movie theater chain might have to close its doors because of the 2.4 billion dollar loss because of Covid-19. According to cnn.com, AMC Theaters said this morning that it has "substantial doubt" that they can stay in business.

AMC has openly asked that because of the unknown, will people fill a theater again? Unfortunately, they just can't say -- CLICK HERE for the full story from yahoo.com.

We have no announcement as of yet that our AMC Theatres in Ocean County (Toms River and Brick) will be closing. We will keep you up to date.

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Sue Moll
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