For many, especially those who are identified as part of Generation Z the news last week that BlackBerry was shutting down service for its classic devices meant little or nothing.  As a matter of fact I’m sure many under the age of 25 only know blackberry as a fruit and not a mobile device that as recently as 2013 had 85 million subscribers worldwide.  At one time it was a favorite of celebrities, business leaders, politicians and yours truly before IPhones and other smartphones came into popularity and its usage had waned considerably over the years.

Like many of you I have an IPhone and for the most part it provides many more options than the BlackBerry did but it falls short in one way for those of us who have fat fingers.  Texting was user friendly for people like me because of the raised keyboard which I truly loved.  I felt much more comfortable and made far fewer mistakes than I do now.  At times I hit more wrong letters and numbers than correct ones and I constantly have to go back and correct messages.  I’m sure my son or daughter would laugh at this but they have smaller fingers and are much more savvy when it comes to texting…I still feel like a novice at times.  Yes the IPhone does offer the audio option of texting but I have made some glaring mistakes with this and more often than not I have to review before sending.

So while the end of the BlackBerry as we know it may not be front page headlines for many it was for me.  I mean everyone has an IPhone or similar device but there was a time when having a BlackBerry meant you were pretty cool…a bit ahead of the curve.  Now I’m just one of millions…maybe I should try and get a flip phone just to be different.

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