We've lucked out these past couple of years, getting a few extra days to get our taxes done.  Well, today, April 18th is the day they're due.  Are you still working on them?  Have you even started?

As a lifelong tax procrastinator, I've learned some things over the years.  Allow me to remind you of a few of the most helpful tips:

Just start.  Today is not the day to be scrolling through Facebook or watching TV.   I suggest you power off your devices, clear of your desk, and get out your calculator, pencil and papers.  You'll feel momentum build and the rest of the tasks will soon follow.

Take breaks.  Get up and stretch your body if you've been hunched over a desk or table for a while.  If the stress is getting to you, take some slow deep breaths, or try going for a walk or playing with your dog for a few minutes.

Eat healthy today.  You may be tempted to have energy drinks all day but a better plan is to drink lots of water and snack on healthy things like fruits and nuts.

Reward yourself.  When you finish sealing that last envelope, I suggest you celebrate your accomplishment.  Put your feet up.  Go out for ice cream.  Or schedule a pedicure or something else that makes you feel good.

And remember that a lot of your tax questions can be answered through www.IRS.gov.

Good luck getting everything done!


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