There can be times that you can tell where in New Jersey someone grew up just by how they say certain words. If they go to the "mawll" and drink "cawfee", they probably grew up in Central or North Jersey. If they drink "wooder" and keep their silverware in a kitchen "draw", they probably grew up in South Jersey.

I've always had an ear for picking up accents, probably because I lived in a number of different geographic areas throughout my life.

For example, my whole family is from Wisconsin and I lived there until I was 5, so yes, to me the top of the house is the "ruff". But because I moved around a lot, different accents sneak out of me on different words.

In general, I think it's interesting to hear how different people speak and try to place where they grew up. But I do have to say, there is one American accent that grates on me a little - and my apologies to those of you from Boston, but there's just something about "pahking" my "cah" that irritates me.

So take a look at this video from NBC Philadelphia on Philly's changing accent, then tell us in the comments section, which accents do you like listening to, and which irritate you?