A recent survey ranked the 'sexiest accents' in America and New Jersey's came in really low on the list...

How low do you ask? While we didn't come in dead last, we weren't too far from the bottom spot. According to Big Seven Travel, out of the 50 states, NJ has the 49th sexiest accent...putting our state at second to last.

The sexiest accents are:

  1. Texan
  2. Bostonian
  3. New York

I'm very confused. In some parts of our state, the accents are very similar to New York's. The article does clarify the differences in accents between North and South Jersey (which is a whole different debate), but the writer gives New York accents a rave review while bashing a North Jersey accent which is really close! See the descriptions below:

49th. New Jersey

North Jerseyan? Think ‘cawfee’ and dropping the ‘Rs’. South Jerseyan? It’s more like the Philly accent, but not close enough to bring up Jersey’s overall sex appeal.


3rd. New York

The New York accent is probably one of the most recognisable dialects in all of America, thanks to many a famous movie. NYC speakers have loooong vowels and short ‘a’s. Fast and hypernasal, yet quite charming at times.


Do you think the New Jersey accent got a fair write up? Comment below and let us know what you think!


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