Great Places to Explore in New Jersey. That's the focus of this article and maybe the most scenic road trip in New Jersey. I think a lot of people love taking a nice scenic drive on a weekend and just hitting the open road. We have a lot of great places to take a scenic drive here in the Garden State.


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How about taking a drive along some of our coastal roads through our beautiful beach towns? You can start in Monmouth County and make your way all the way down to Cape May County and along the way see some gorgeous beach towns and great ocean views.

What about a scenic drive through the beautiful Pine Barrens and seeing some of the fantastic forests we have within the Pine Barrens section of the state? According to NJ.Gov, there are approximately 1.1 million acres in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, so plenty to see. Lili Kovac Lili Kovac


So what is the most scenic road trip in New Jersey? Love Exploring says "Every state has its own bounty of byways, so we've picked our favorite scenic road in each one. Buckle up for some beautiful views."


Love Exploring selected the Historic Old Mine Road as the most scenic ride here in the Garden State. According to Wikipedia, "Old Mine Road is a road in New Jersey and New York said to be one of the oldest continuously used roads in the United States of America."


Love Exploring says "Routing through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Old Mine Road has a history stretching back some 250 years. The narrow, forest-edged roadway follows the path of the Delaware River and is named for the historic copper mines at Pahaquarry. Drivers should keep their cameras on hand for the Delaware View House, an abandoned 1837 Greek-Revival farmhouse that once served as an inn."


New Jersey's Most Scenic Road

Old Mine Road


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