Oh what a difference a few miles can make.  Some of you will be able to finally build a snowman and maybe go sledding today while others will likely not even have to shovel all that much and just let the rain wash the snow away.

That’s what happens when a winter nor’easter hits the Jersey Shore and the temperature fluctuates from a few degrees below or above the freezing mark, often the difference is just a few miles.  Depending on where you live your kids are either playing in the snow or trying to avoid puddles.

If statistics hold up the worst month of winter is over as January is the coldest month of the year and it certainly felt like that over much of the past week.  While you would never know it from today spring is inching closer just 47 days away.

A couple of other non-weather related items on this first day of February:

  • As I mentioned last week playing high school basketball in the middle of a pandemic is proving to be very challenging. The top-ranked Manasquan boys team was scheduled to play #2 rated Ranney twice this week but those games are off because Squan is now shut down for two weeks because of Covid concerns.  According to the Shore Sports Network’s Matt Manley Manasquan is the 15th boys Shore Conference program to shut down its program since practice began three weeks ago which represents nearly one-third on the schools.Like in most cases Manasquan will have to stay off the court for two weeks which means 4 of their scheduled 12 games are cancelled although it’s possible a couple can be made up.  There are quite a few other boys and girls programs that are also shut down and this will be the main story line for the entire season.
  • So you are home today and looking for something to binge watch as a family. Let me recommend We Are: The Brooklyn Saints on Netflix.  We watched all four episodes of this documentary Sunday about a youth football league in Brooklyn and it’s a heart-warming story of football, fathers, families and faith.  What’s refreshing is that family rates above football which is truly the way it should be.  Find the time to watch this one and you’ll likely come away as moved as I was.
  • I’m not very good at predictions but here’s one I am confident about. Punxsutawney Phil will not be seeing his shadow tomorrow.

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