It's been about 4 months since downtown Toms River's "Mr. Falafel" restaurant suddenly closed after only a few weeks of operation.

You may have noticed though that in recent days a happy taco has appeared in the window of the Main Street storefront:


Photo by Justin Louis
Photo by Justin Louis


The Taco-Tastic that will be coming to downtown Toms River will actually be the second location for the local taco spot, with the original restaurant just up Fischer Boulevard.

I reached out to the folks at Taco-Tastic and they told me that they'd like to have the tacos sailing out of the 207 Main Street location by the end of November, and they're currently eyeing more possible locations nearby as well.

We'll of course keep you updated.

You can also follow along with Taco-Tastic's official Facebook page by clicking here.


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