Friday is for many the day of the week when we get an extra bounce in our step. For most it marks the end of the work or school week and there is the weekend to look forward to.

My guess is there’s a different Friday feeling today around the Jersey Shore and throughout the United States.

If you think back to last Friday what has taken place in the days since is almost too much to comprehend. Our way of life has been turned upside down and even those who always believe the glass is half-full are starting to have their doubts.

Sure most of us figured there would be interruptions and inconveniences but my goodness this is gone way past that. It was only a week ago that we were bummed out that there would be no NCAA Basketball Tournament and now we are kept awake with fears over the health and welfare of our families and friends.

We all know those who have lost their jobs and many of us still employed fear that we too have uncertain futures. Not to be the voice of doom but we are likely heading into the worst of times with no idea when it will end.

However this is also the time that we can show our true grit and love. Yes love for our neighbors and friends. There have been dozens of stories this week in which people are coming together to help others and we will need more of that in the future. Right here in our area so many are going out of their way to support the local businesses that are trying to stay afloat and we need to continue that spirit for as long as possible.

Generosity can come in different ways and while some are in position to do so financially others can do so by showing compassion and caring. We are going to need plenty of that in the days, weeks and months ahead but history shows we are at our best in the worst of times.

There will be plenty of bumps in the road but I’m betting on US to get through this together. I hope to be sharing my thoughts with you next Friday.

Stay healthy my friends!


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