So I was recently out running some errands when I overheard a conversation that some folks were having that centered on Thanksgiving. Now that Halloween is over next up is Turkey Day! So it's not surprising that the conversation involved getting ready for Thanksgiving. The question is "Are Pilgrims racist?" Do you put out Indian decor for your Thanksgiving presentation? This debate got me thinking, do we need new Thanksgiving decorations or is this overthinking things a bit?


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To help in this conversation I found an article by James Newton that discussed this very question, do we still include Pilgrim and Indians in our Thanksgiving presentation? "Yes, as long as we acknowledge their imperfections. They were brave, tough, determined people who came here to start a new life on their own terms. Certainly, not all of them were determined to exterminate the Natives." In addition, "Let’s tell the whole truth, but let’s celebrate Thanksgiving as a time to value family, share food and hospitality and acknowledge the myriad cultures that make up our great nation." How do you like this approach? Is it truthful and just and makes it enjoyable for everyone or do you disagree and feel it's offensive for any Pilgrim and/or Indian presence in a Thanksgiving presentation? Something to think about as we get set for Thanksgiving in just a few weeks. SJ 📸 SJ 📸


Is it OK to still decorate for Thanksgiving with Pilgrims and Indians?


So now it's time for you to sound off. Let us know your thoughts and post your comments below. Please try to be polite and respect everyone's views as we discuss this Thanksgiving topic.


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