It is almost the end of the school year and we have a fun contest to honor our High School Mascots! The folks who bring that school spirit to class every year and we have fantastic mascots here in Ocean County! Donovan Catholic, Toms River High School South, Toms River High School North, Toms River High School East, Southern Regional High School, Point Pleasant Borough High School, Point Pleasant Beach High School, Pinelands Regional High School, New Egypt High School, Manchester Township High School, Lakewood High School, Lacey Township High School, Jackson Memorial High School, Jackson Liberty High School, Central Regional High School, Brick Township Memorial High School, Brick Township High School, Barnegat High School,


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Now it's time to dig deep and really show your school spirit and get everyone to vote for your mascot, how fun, and hopefully, Shawn & Sue will get to meet and congratulate the winning Mascot at your high school before the end of the school year! It's Mascot Mayhem 2024! 




Mascot Mayhem



Good luck to all our local High Schools and their Mascots! Tell all your friends at school to spread the word that voting has begun! The winner will be announced Monday, May 20th



This should be fun! Vote and vote often and get your school and town to rally behind your mascot and hopefully, we will be coming to your school! If you have pics of your school mascot send them into us we would love to see them and maybe share at the end of the contest! It's Shawn & Sue's Mascot Madness 2024!


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