Jerry LaCrosse loves the annual 4th of July fireworks show that explodes over the Toms River and his hosted by borough of Beachwood where he is a longtime member of the town council.

I have served with Jerry for as long as I can remember on the Fireworks Committee which puts on the show that for 78 years has marked the end of America’s birthday for generations all across towns on the river.  The show will go on tomorrow night without LaCrosse who is recovering from the serious injuries he suffered last month when a car crashed into his Der Wunder Wiener hot dog stand in the Beachwood Shopping Center.

The 74-year old is now in rehab and doing well but will not be watching the fireworks in his home town but said he’ll be back better than ever next year.

Meanwhile local police are planning to show their support for the LaCrosse family by hosting a fundraiser on the same spot where Der Wunder Wiener has been serving hot dogs and more since 1984.  Berkeley Township PBA Local 237 will be setting up their trailer and along with Beachwood-Pine Beach PBA Local 253 will sell hot dogs, drinks and chips this Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11am to 3pm.

They don’t promise that their hot dogs will be quite as good as the ones Jerry and his family have been serving for 34 years but they’ll try to do their best to get close.

Most importantly it’s a way for the local PBA’s to show their support for a local business that has supported them over the years.  By the way a GoFundMe has raised nearly $11,000 of the $15,000 goal to help with the lost revenue now that the business is closed.  You can still donate by simply visiting and typing in Gerald LaCrosse.

By the way when he recovers Jerry insists that he will rebuild the iconic hot dog stand but likely a bit further away from Route 9.





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