I’m sure some of you remember that the popular TV program SEINFELD was often described as a show about nothing.  That will pretty much describe today’s segment because I honestly have nothing to offer.  Like many of you I stayed up late last night to watch the Super Bowl and even had trouble falling asleep.  I woke up with a feeling of emptiness which is how I usually feel the day after the Super Bowl.

I can’t be alone!  Sure those of you who were happy with the Chiefs winning will bask in that for a few days or so but for the majority of us the end of the football season is not something we look forward to.  I know baseball season is almost here with spring training beginning this week but I won’t get excited for another six weeks or so.  While I still enjoy “March Madness” I have lost a lot of interest in college basketball and I could care less about the NBA.  I will get pumped up once the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin but that’s not until the middle of April.

So in this somewhat blah frame of mind I really just don’t have anything to share which is not necessarily a bad thing for you readers .  Listen I could always come up with something but I think we all deserve a break….from me.

So in true SEINFELD fashion I have chosen to talk about nothing.  Really I’m just joining the millions of people who either called in sick today or just didn’t show up for work.  I’m with you…today should be the observation of our Super Bowl National Holiday in which most of us would have the day off anyway.  Just think how nice that would be.

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