Who knew?  I had no idea one of my favorites is made right here in New Jersey.

According to New Jersey News12, Smarties are made in a factory in Union Township, NJ.

Here is a look at the behind the scenes of the Smarties factory:

Smarties are those sweet, small tarts with about 15 pieces in a package.  They are sweet, tart, and melt in your mouth.  All different colors in a package and such a great snack during the day when you need a little sugar pick-me-up!

And how about these fun facts about Smarties thanks to macoronikid.com:

*A roll of smarties is 25 calories.

*Smarties are gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan.

*Smarties come in 6 flavors and/or colors - white, yellow, pink, purple, green, and orange.

Are you a fan of Smarties?





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