Even though the weather was beautiful this weekend, I spent quite a bit of time in front of the computer screen.  I was doing something I had never done before:  watched animals and birds via live internet streams.

I was one of the more than a million people who watched April the Giraffe give birth to her very big baby.  With months of anticipation, it was exciting to see this mother finally go through her delivery.  And it was spectacular to see the calf take his first breaths, get cleaned up, then take his first wobbly steps.  Wow!   Humans around the world were able to get an up close look at this natural wonder.  (And kudos to the farm owner or whoever was responsible for getting ToysRus to be the website sponsor.  It was a brilliant marketing effort since their company's mascot is a giraffe.)

But back to the weekend's video viewings.  After Easter dinner, my friend opened up her laptop so I could see the Hawk Cam at NYU.  We sat together, staring at the screen, excitedly watching a little beak and head pop out from under the mother hawk.   She says both the mother and father have been dutifully taking turns sitting on the nest keeping the babes warm and protected.  You can watch here:  http://urbanhawks.blogs.com/urban_hawks/2017/04/nyu-nest-hatches.html

And closer to home, you can see what's happening with the Osprey Cam at Island Beach State Park.  http://friendsofibsp.org/osprey-cam/

Easter Weekend is always a great time to celebrate new beginnings so it's nice to see these new creatures entering  the world.

Did you or do you spend any time watching webcam footage of animals and birds?

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