UPDATE - Tuesday, October 15th

It's been confirmed that Gordon Ramsay's "24 Hours to Hell and Back" is indeed filming in Toms River. Click here to read more and to check out some exclusive photos.

Original article follows:

I think that anybody could understand when Ocean County residents bristle at the words "reality TV filming" and images of Snooki drunkenly wobbling down the boardwalk fills our heads.

But reports from today say that a film crew is indeed headed to Toms River with "a celebrity chef" in tow for what's being described as a "restaurant renovation show".

But which restaurant will be the subject of the renovation and which celebrity chef will be involved is a closely guarded secret as of right now.

According to a Patch article, a producer for the show said that their public call for diners filled, "within hours", and that they, "...can't reveal the name of the restaurant just yet."

With all of that in mind, though, I did find an interesting connection - the husband of the producer who is quoted in the Patch article is credited as having worked on the former Gordon Ramsay restaurant makeover show, Kitchen Nighmares.

Kitchen Nighmares ended its TV run in 2014, but it's worth noting that Chef Ramsay's latest restaurant makeover show, 24 Hours to Hell and Back was just renewed for a 3rd season by Fox over the summer.

Now, I'm not saying that those things mean anything for this Toms River restaurant filming, I don't have any insider information and I could be totally wrong, but it's certainly noteworthy, don't you think?

Click here for the latest update and exclusive photos of the work going on at Caneda's White Rooster on Fischer Boulevard.


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