With unseasonably warm weather again today, you might be tempted to play hookie.  Maybe you've called out sick so you can head to one of the Jersey Shore beaches.  Perhaps you've told your boss you need some fresh air and a "Mental Health Day."  If that's true for you, I hope you enjoy a wonderful warm day!

But it dawned on me that some of you probably work from home.  If you're self-employed, you may not have a boss that you have to call.  You can probably take your laptop outside and do your work on the deck, right?  Or if you're officially "on the clock" today but are allowed to telecommute, you can be productive yet take as much time outdoors as you like!

So since this day seems made for people who work from home, let's do a roll call!  In the Comments section, let us know where you live and work and what kind of business you have.

Those of you who are retired, stay-at-home parents, and unemployed or "in transition," let's hear from you too!

Enjoy the warm temps and remember, Spring begins in only 8 days!


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