More Seasonal Weather On The Way
Since this week's forecast is giving us some April-like temperatures, I'm wondering what you're planning to do to celebrate. What have you been wanting to do but haven't been able to because of the winter weather? I'm looking forward to taking the dog out for a loooooong walk, the kind in which she can take in lots of sights and scents, and not just take care of business. A long walk will provide some good de-stressing and exercise for both of us so that's on the top of my list of things I want to do now that the weather's warmer. What's on your list?
I Wish I Could Take The Show Outside Today
Many people and pets have had a bit of cabin fever being cooped up during the past couple of weeks of frigid temps and snowy, icy conditions. What will YOU do to take advantage of the warm temperatures today? I'm going to sit outside and read while I enjoy a nice cup of tea. Then Taylor and I will have a play date with my friends and their dogs.
How Many Blankets Are On Ocean County’s Beds?
During a cold snap like we're having now, do you have more blankets on your bed than usual?  I do.  It may seem excessive, but I have one thick tightly woven wool blanket that I purchased in Mexico years ago. I also have 2 comforters plus a soft fuzzy kind of blanket and an electric blanket...