For years I only knew David Correll as the colorful and animated public address announcer for Toms River South home football games.  That changed when my wife and I attended a welcome freshman orientation for parents.  There were a few speakers and then towards the end Mr. Correll was introduced and for the next 5 minutes or so he had many of us wishing we would be attending the high school in the fall.  I don’t even remember what his title was outside of being a teacher at the time but there was no doubt the man bled maroon and white.

For more than 50 years he was the heart and soul of the school.  He officially retired in 2007 but remained a fixture on campus as the publicity coordinator, student activities coordinator and of course the “Voice of the Indian.”  In 2015 Detwiler Stadium was renovated including the installation of what is the largest press box in the shore.  Officials wanted to name it after Correll but in typical unselfish fashion he asked it be called the “Voice of the Indian” press box which it was and is.

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One of the things Dave did throughout his tenure was organize pep rallies so it seems only appropriate that this Saturday instead of putting one together he is the reason why hundreds of former and current students and faculty will gather on the football field.  The “Voice of the Indian” Pep Rally begins at 4pm and will include all aspects of the spirit squad that make for the best high school football atmosphere you will find.  By the way Correll created the first mascot in 1967 and others along the way.  The event is a true celebration for a man who gave so much of his time to his beloved school often sacrificing family events.

P. David Correll and his son Dave who now has taken on many of his roles at TRS.
P. David Correll and his son Dave who now has taken on many of his roles at TRS.  Photo credit to Ocean County Scanner News.

Organizers say the pep rally celebrates his official retirement from a place that has been his second home since 1964.  He will speak at the end and there will be a reception line for those who wish to thank him personally.  Again the pep rally for P. David Correll is 4pm this Saturday (rain or shine) at Detwiler Stadium.

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