I’m sure many of you are busy making plans for the upcoming holiday weekend which may include getting to the beach, a family barbeque or other outdoor activities as it appears the weather will cooperate for the most part.

However the weekend plans will be a bit different for the Nyman Family of Beachwood as they are focusing on less enjoyable things like finding a place to live, clothes to wear and trying to piece their lives back together.

David & Chris Nyman and their two children had just marked two years living in a house on the 1100 block of Spar Avenue when it was destroyed by a fire on Tuesday morning.  The good news is that nobody was injured but one of their cats is still missing while another is safe.  However now begins the difficult task of finding new housing along with replacing the personal items lost in the blaze.

24-year old Kyle who attends Vo-Tech school lost all his welding equipment and tools as well as some of the clothing he needs for the program he’s enrolled in while 13-year old Lillian, a 7th grader at Toms River Intermediate South lost several prized personal possessions in addition to clothes and more.

Friends, neighbors and others have come to the aid of the family through the private Beachwood Neighborhood Discussion & Watch page on Facebook with one woman spearheading an effort to collect clothes and other needed items.  Also coming to the rescue was Pies On Nine located at 658 Atlantic City Boulevard in Beachwood which immediately donated a $150 food gift card and is collecting cash and other gift cards for the Nyman’s.

The pizzeria/restaurant is open every day at 11 a.m. and all donations will go directly to this family which needs help.

Many of us look forward to Memorial Day weekend because it’s the start of something…it would be nice if many would contribute in some small way to a family that now has to start over.

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