Part of the fallout of so many grocery stores closing in Ocean County in the last few years is the fact that there are so many empty stores now.

But one of those empty grocery stores right in the heart of Toms River is about to become the newest home of a bargain hunter's dream store!

Ollie's Bargain Outlet is coming to the former Pathmark location in the Indian Head Shopping Center on Route 9.

Photo by Andy Chase
Photo by Andy Chase

I actually became an Ollie's fan when I was living in central PA. The Harrisburg based chain, which has locations throughout mostly the middle of the country, is a no-frills place to grab some ridiculous discounts.

They're not fancy, but you can find some real gems. I once got a $100 Lego set at an Ollie's in PA for only about $60.

Much of the merchandise comes direct from the finest manufacturers in the country and abroad. For example, if a manufacturer makes too much of an item, or changes their packaging, Ollie’s will buy the overstocked or old packaged items. So, you will always find famous brand name products at Ollie’s, but a lot of them could be last year’s colors, patterns or packaging that traditional retailers won’t sell.

The sharp eyes of my colleague Andy Chase on our sister station 105.7 The Hawk noticed the banner in the photo above, but as of right now the Ollie's folks are keeping tight lips with Toms River not listed on their New Stores page yet.

You can believe that I'll be heading over there when they open, so I'll keep you updated on the progress!


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