I have probably not had an original thought in years…maybe even decades and today’s segment will not change that.  As you get older you tend to repeat yourself because you either feel strongly about something or you forgot you’ve said the same thing in the past…and likely more than once.  With that said:

  • If you don’t believe in climate change then maybe you have an explanation of the wild weather patterns we’ve experienced in the U.S. over the last few years. They are not a coincidence and wildfires are part of it.
  • I need someone to explain traffic to me, especially when it comes to the Garden State Parkway. If we are all going straight in the same direction and traffic is moving fine why do we get to a point where we come to a stop?  Then for five miles we creep along and all of a sudden things open up.  No accidents, no changes in the number of lanes and while some people get on some are getting off.  I don’t understand.
  • When you’re healthy you never celebrate it but when you are not you often complain about it. It’s time we appreciate good health and do what we can to get there.
  • I honestly had no idea how much I would love being a grandparent.
  • It was created out of the pandemic and Downtown Night Out has become a signature event in Toms River. Every Friday & Saturday from 5-9pm a portion of Washington Street is closed and features outdoor dining with restaurants as well as Battle River Brewing and the Garden State Distillery, where I had an awesome cocktail last week.  Really fun time and this continues to be a creative effort between the town and business community. We need more of that!
  • In South Seaside Park you have Chef Mike’s ABG, Bum Rogers Crabhouse, Berkeley Cut, Ebby’s and Jerry’s Pizza & Subs all within walking distance of one another and new to the group is Island Beach Fish Company which just opened recently. That’s what I call plenty of choices and all good ones.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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