The final edition of “Monday Musings” for 2020:

  • The winter solstice has arrived and today is the shortest days of the year in terms of daylight,  only 9 hours and 15 minutes. The good news is that we start heading in the opposite direction on Tuesday.
  • Only the Jets could win but really lose. A 17-point underdog, they pulled off the biggest upset of the season by beating the Rams Sunday for their first win of the season.  However that victory will likely cost them the top pick in the NFL Draft this spring and the chance to select Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence who now appears headed to Jacksonville.  Believe me Jets fans are not celebrating the victory.
  • Is it me or is Andrew Cuomo sounding more and more like a dictator than the Governor of New York?
  • I know the New York Times is considered the standard-bearer when it comes to journalism but the bloom has fallen off the rose lately when it comes to “objective reporting.” Actually if George Carlin were alive today he would add “objective reporting” to the list of his favorite oxymorons like jumbo shrimp, military intelligence, dry lake, like recording and new tradition.
  • Rutgers has gone through some hard times when it comes to its football and men’s basketball programs but both are clearly on the upswing. It’s a shame students are missing out on what would be a great game atmosphere in Piscataway.
  • I could not get over how much snow was still on the ground Saturday in Red Bank and other parts of Monmouth County. Depending on how you look at it we either lucked out or missed out in much of Ocean County.  I’ll go with the lucky point on view.
  • I have said on numerous occasions during this pandemic that being nice to one another is more important than ever before. I stop in the QuickChek in Beachwood on my way to work around 4 o’clock each morning to get coffee and the newspaper and the women who work the overnight shift could not be any nicer.  They always have a smile (behind the mask) and warm greeting and while I am sure they have bad days like everyone else you would never know it.  I always leave feeling appreciated by them when in truth I appreciate them. Niceness can be contagious.

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