The helicopter crash that killed country music artist Troy Gentry in Medford last week was due to engine problems, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.
The pilot had said the helicopter began experiencing mechanical problems not long after takeoff.
That's when he chose to try and land it, before the plane began to go down.Is your child's school bus completely safe?...At, we've got your access to the Motor Vehicle Commission's school bus report card, listing all violations in your area.

 MVC Chief Ray Martinez says buses and other school vehicles are inspected twice per year along with random spot checks.

"If there not in working order, they're going to be issued a rejection sticker or an out of service sticker," said Martinez.More than half of the 44-thousand school vehicles inspected last school year were either taken out of service temporarily or had 30 days to fix their flaws.

With less than 2 months to go before the general election a new survey finds the race for governor in New Jersey isn't much of a race at all.

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