We've been telling you this week about a brutal fight in the stands of a high school football game between Brick and Brick Memorial.

The superintendent tells us ten students have been suspended for their involvement and the district is making some changes so the rivalry no longer gets out of hand.

Educational reform is a top priority for 9th district assembly republicans Brian Rumpf and Dianne Gove who are making their case for re-election.

Rumpf says New Jersey is a model state for the quality of its public education and teachers deserve the credit for that but standardized tests are presenting a roadblock for them.

“We need to make sure that we don’t mess things up, if you will, by imposing onerous testing requirements that have not been shown to have merit when it comes down to making education better,” said Rumpf.

Gove concurs and believes officials need to let the teachers teach.

They offer possible solutions in a video at

Apple plans to be more clear about how much their i-phones and other gear cost in a settlement with the state.

New Jersey officials claimed keeping the info out of continuous view violated state laws.

Apple will place pricing wedges with the full cost of each item on its display tables.

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