Toms River police who shot and killed a township man in his apartment last March were justified, in findings by the New Jersey Attorney General's office. Police said that Christopher Apostolus ambushed them and tried to grab a service weapon.

Toms River Police Department Squad Car (Tom Mongelli, Townsquare Media)
Toms River Police Department Squad Car (Tom Mongelli, Townsquare Media)

Every hour that Martha Hesse of Toms River remains missing grows grimmer. The Holiday City 79-year-old hasn't been seen since leaving home in her car Thursday. A search of the community lake where her car and belongings were found turned up empty.

Heading to Asbury Park's Zombie Walk tomorrow? If your costume involves anything that resembles a weapon, leave the prop home. Organizers, responding to Sunday's massacre in Las Vegas, say it will be a rule from this point forward.

The tragedy out west stirs New Jersey and federal lawmakers to seek a ban for bump stocks, which were part of gunman Stephen Paddock's arsenal. The devices accelerate the firepower of semi-automatic weapons.

The home contractor who moved into Ocean County after Superstorm Sandy and cleaned desperate homeowners out of nearly two-million dollars risks up to 10 years in prison. James Lynn Lawson took a guilty plea to one count each of money laundering and theft. He's ordered to pay it all back.

This Monday, protestors in New York City will demand the renaming of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day, a trend that's growing nationwide. In Long Branch, residents are torn over whether to keep a statue of the explorer. Opponents claim that it represents the slaughter of Caribbean people. Mayor Adam Schneider says he'd like it to stay, but that he'd add details to the plaque on the pedestal.

Developmentally-disabled people in group homes have greater protection, and care faacilities have more accountability, under a bipartisan bill enacted today with shore support. Senator Jennifer Beck sponsored Stephen Kominos's Law, named for the 22-year-old who died while unsupervised in 2007.

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