An 18-year old is arrested in Little Egg Harbor after nearly beating a man to death with a skateboard in a shopping center parking lot.

When police got there, the 25-year old victim was on the ground suffering from a severe head injury.

Witnesses said the two got into some kind of fight, but aren't sure over what.

The hot button issue of school funding turns the page to its latest chapter on Monday much to the dismay of districts set to loose funds if the school funding plan passes.

More changes have been made to school funding that will lessen the cuts in the proposal to about two-thirds of 126-districts in New Jersey getting less state aid under revisions to the 2018 state budget.

In the end they'll still get less which convinced Senator Jeff Van Drew to vote against the state budget.

"A lot of blue collar working people are going to have their property taxes go up because of this," said Van Drew.

With the changes made on Monday, $15,000,000.00 less state aid will be re-allocated by limiting cuts to two-percent of the amount already vowed in March of this year.

This would appear to lower the cuts by $2,000,000.00 in Toms River and $1,400,000.00 in Brick Township.

A law signed in 2015 created the New Jersey Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault and two years later, they've released their final report on how to make New Jersey campuses a safer place.

Troubling statistics from the report show that one in five women experience some kind of sexual violence while in college.

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