A seat belt stop could mean deportation for a man in New Jersey illegally.

25-year old Melvin Martinez-Guevera was the passenger in a van pulled over in Brick Township June 10 and was found sitting on a toolbox in the back.

Police also discovered a warrant out for his arrest on gang related murder charges in El Salvador.

He remains jailed on a number of charges.


A South Carolina lawmaker said he remembered a man politely asking whether the team practicing at an Alexandria, Virginia baseball field Wednesday morning were Democrats or Republicans before walking away.

James Hodgkinson opened fire a short time later wounding Congressman Steve Scalise and several others before he was fatally shot by police.

The FBI is piecing together his background and believe he may have been in the Washington DC area since March.

"The subject traveled from his residence in Illinois and we are asking and speaking with individuals who know him personally or who may have encountered him on his travels," said FBI Special Agent Timothy Slater.

A friend of the suspect said the 66-year old didn't discuss politics but would occasionally get into fights.

If you've ever wanted to use helicopter blades as monkey bars, now you can as the world's only Navy Seal obstacle course challenge heads to Monmouth County on Saturday.

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