On the first day of schedule changes and delays for NJ Transit rail passengers, Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer (New York) and Cory Booker (New Jersey) held a press conference to urge President Donald Trump to fund the gateway tunnel project.

"Cory Booker and I want to reach across the aisle and work with the president and work with our republican colleagues to build gateway," said Schumer.

The project, which advocates say will improve commutes between New York and New Jersey could be at risk after Trump proposed changing a federal grant program that was supposed to be used to fund the project.

The head of a widespread heroin network that plagued Ocean and Monmouth counties for four years will get a 12-year prison term if his plea bargain is accepted.

Robert Britt of Asbury Park plead guilty for conspiracy to distribute heroin.

Britt is the 22nd and final defendant to accept penalties as part of the Britt-Young drug trafficking organization.

If a doctor is convicted of sexual misconduct or lewdness, you may assume they would lose their license and be permanently barred from practicing medicine...unfortunately, that isn't the case in New Jersey.

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