U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions takes aim against America's pervasive opiate crisis, with a targeted attack on health care fraud. Twelve states are the launch point for 12 prosecutors whose job will be to shut down pill mills and root out doctors who prescribe opioid narcotics illegally.

United States Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama)
United States Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) (YouTube)

All over New Jersey, in the stifling heat of the dog days of summer, young footballers are already practicing for their fall contests. New Jersey Senator Pat Diegnan is pushing for widespread distribution of heat index stress indicators, to guard against heat stroke. Trainers say that they can help coaches determine when to decelerate, or even stop, practices.

A man who apparently lent a new meaning to the term "movie buff" is wanted by Howell Township police. A woman who brought her kids to the Emoji Movie at the Xscape Theater on Route 9 last Friday told cops that he was gratifying himself in his seat. He was ushered out of the hall, but investigators aren't through with him. His photo is on our web page.

About 415 Superstorm victims in New Jersey who let communications with FEMA lapse get extra time to continue claim reviews and appeals. U.S. Senator Robert Menendez convinced the agency to re-set the deadline for review status updates to September 15 - and for appeals to October 25.

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