Forecasters are keeping their eyes peeled at Potential Tropical Cyclone 10 which could soon become Tropical Storm Irma.

It expects to pass about 200 miles off the jersey shore beginning Tuesday.

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow predicts about a foot of surge, ocean waves 3-feet higher than normal and heavy wind and rain.

See his full outlook at

The 67-year old homeless man in Lakewood humiliated a couple years ago when a stranger paid him $5 to pour coffee on himself passed away Friday night after being hit by a car.

Ronald Leggatt was hit as he crossed the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Cedarbridge Avenue around 11 pm.

The accident remains under investigation.

What's so great about the garden state?

Each week at this time, we're profiling some of the individuals and groups that make the garden state a great place to live.

Every year around the anniversary of the September 11th attacks, locals gather in Manalapan for a charity walk to remember the fallen.

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