A woman who apparently spent up a storm on someone else's credit card in Brick Township is caught on camera.

Police hope to catch her too, the tab ran to more than 400 dollars.

Head to wobm-dot-com for the video and police contacts.

There are some rouge kids out there.

The proof comes in the form of a warning from the Delran police department telling motorists and parents about numerous 'swerving' incidents in town.

Apparently teens are riding their bikes right into traffic to cause a scare.

U.S. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker’s (D) proposal to legalize marijuana on a federal level comes face to face with new opponents. Among them is the national non-profit and non-partisan organization ‘Smart Approaches to Marijuana’ (SAM).

Special Assistant for Communications and Outreach with S.A.M. Will Jones, a minority himself, led a campaign against the legalization of marijuana in Washington D.C. in 2014 called ‘Two is Enough’ which focused on targeted arrests of minorities due to tobacco or alcohol offenses but now they may have a third (marijuana).

“I don’t want to see a third recreational drug coming into our communities and doing what the alcohol and tobacco industries have done,” said Jones.

He adds it also poses a health risk and he’s seen people (as a local firefighter) smoking weed in D.C. in front of their little kids.

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