We have unconfirmed word this morning of a double homicide in Lacey Township.

Sources close to paramedics told us that a husband killed his wife and their young son, then tried and failed to kill himself.

Ocean County investigators did not confirm or deny the information but said that an investigation is under way.

Instead of fishing through binders for an emergency plan, some Ocean County school districts are adopting a high-tech mapping system that offers law enforcement complete blueprints of the school grounds during an active shooter scenario or other emergency.

"It's really for safety concerns but also to eventually eliminate the threat quickly and appropriately," said County Prosecutor Joe Coronato.

He says towns and other spots that host large gatherings can benefit from the technology as well.

You can watch the active shooter drill they ran Wednesday at Central Regional High School on our website


You know it's coming every year, but that total tab for school supplies is always surprising - especially when you have more than one kid.

In a new survey from junior achievement, 60 percent of parents say it is a challenge to afford the supplies their children need.

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