Tropical Storm Gert is just the latest storm to build up in the Atlantic this hurricane season but meteorologist Dan Zarrow says it's now centered under 700 miles southeast of New Jersey.

He forecasts Gert moving out to sea and posing no direct threats to the U.S. East coast.

We may see additional swell and a higher risk of rip currents here at the shore this week.

The Holbrook Little League team from Jackson will play the opening game in Williamsport, Pennsylvania on Thursday after being crowned the Mid-Atlantic Regional champions over the weekend.

Holbrook little league president Tony Del Vecchio says the team has a full slate of events planned including a visit from some major league baseball players.

"The players themselves are going to spend some time at Williamsport with the boys...players from the Pirates and Cardinals," said DelVecchio.

Holbrook is the first team from New Jersey to play in the world series tournament since 2010.

What's so great about the garden state?

Each week at this time, we're profiling some of the individuals and groups that make the garden state a great place to live.

The Atlantic City Rescue Mission is preparing a cookbook with original recipes devised by their so-called "souper chefs".


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