Tropical Storm Gert, 700 miles away from the southern New Jersey coast and pulling away, poses no significant rain threat. She is chuning up the seas, however, and that means an accelerated ripcurrent risk through midweek. Watch for red flags on your fave beaches, and heed lifeguard warnings.

Artis Rams

Racially-based mayhem in Charlottesville, VA during the weekend sparks demonstrations and vigils across the country, including Ocean County. Proponents of harmony light candles in front of Toms River Town Hall tonight, with the theme, "Hatred Has No Home Here."

He was not averse to the presence of Ciba Geigy in Toms River, but when toxins were discovered entering the groundwater from a leaky conduit, he spearheaded actions that eventually forced the company to move out. Former New Jersey State Senate President John Russo died Saturday, a victim of cancer from which his actions largely helped spare ensuing generations. He was 84.

On Wednesday, neighbors of Central Regional High School in Berkeley Township, and drivers passing by, will see a massive turnout of police and emergency responders. The sprawling campus is the site of an active shooter drill, the first of what local officials hope will be an ongoing series to remain vigilant against the threat of terror.

Three Lacey Township men who tried lighting a fire pit with gasoline end up hospitalized for burns. Police said that two were airlifted to a Philadelphia trauma center Thursday, and a third was treated in Toms River.

Jackson's Holbrook Little Leaguers, Mid-Atlantic Championship in hand, open their quest for World Series glory in Williamsport PA, the first New Jersey team since 2010 to reach the finals. Their schedule begins Thursday.

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