This is why I love my job so much!  To be able to wake up early with you everyday on the radio is such a blessing and I never take it for granted.

Yesterday Shawn Michaels wrote a blog about favorite BBQ side dishes and we were talking to you about it and you called about all of your favorites!  This gentleman called us and said his wife makes the best tortellini salad for BBQ's...a cold, refreshing salad, what in my opinion is the perfect salad for any BBQ.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media


Today a woman was knocking on our studio door looking for Shawn & Sue and I said,  "Hi, I'm Sue."  She said, "Hi I'm Ann and I made my tortellini husband called yesterday and you guys were talking about it is!"  "I made it special just for you two!"

Thank you so much made our day and it's DELICIOUS, just like your husband said!

Your salad is delectable!  Thank you for thinking about us!