If you don't use any of these phrases, are you even from New Jersey?

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From the gas station to the pizzeria, these are the phrases every New Jerseyan uses at least once a day. Someone get a hold of Merriam and Webster because we gotta get these phrases in the dictionary. Scroll down to see what made the list!

Why Aren't These Commonly Used New Jersey Phrases in the Dictionary?

Someone call Merriam and Webster - because these commonly used New Jersey words and phrases must be added to the dictionary!

These are the phrases you shouldn't even think about saying to someone at the Jersey Shore

Ugh - how many times have you met someone who isn't from the Jersey Shore, and they've said one of these things to you? Try to contain your anger as you scroll down!

What's Your Jersey Shore Zodiac Sign?

Are you a Pizza, a Wawa, a Jughandle, or another NJ favorite? Find out your Jersey Shore Zodiac Sign here!

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