I love living, playing, and working in Ocean County.

There's a little something for everyone in Ocean County - the boardwalks, delicious restaurants, great bars along the water, The Ocean County Breakfast Show with Shawn & Sue (LOL), and so much more!

10 Things You Know if You Live in Ocean County

Anyone knows that our sunrises are absolutely gorgeous and our cotton candy sunsets are just as gorgeous, especially after a storm. Ocean County is a great place to call home. The positives outway the negatives.

Our beaches, our pizza, and our fries are the best in the world. We have this playground right in our backyard. You could argue with me that there is more in Monmouth County when it comes to restaurants and stores, but we have the best neighbors, friends, and family here in Ocean County.

I grew up in a little town in Pennsylvania. Yes, it was a charming little town, but we didn't have any beach or water near us. Our kids that grow up here in Ocean County do not even realize that there are some people in this country that have never seen the beach or the ocean. We take it for granted all the time.

Yes, we have traffic, especially in the summertime. The Parkway is usually always jammed going south on Fridays and a jam-up going north on Sundays. But, we always get through it. And, summertime brings a lot of traffic to other roadways from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We all know after Labor Day, it's our turn on our beautiful beaches.


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