Have you ever bought a lottery ticket and forgot to check your numbers? Maybe you've lost money because you never followed up. There is a winning ticket out there in Ocean County and it's worth $50,000!The Ocean County winning ticket was one of four that won $50,000 for matching four of the white ball numbers drawn plus the red "Powerball" number, according to officials from the New Jersey Lottery.

It's believed the winning ticket was purchased in Brick, but check those tickets... you never know!

There is also an unclaimed $50,000 ticket in Monmouth County!

By the way, Wednesday nights "Powerball" Jackpot was worth an estimated 403 Million Dollars! There was ONE winning ticket sold in Indiana ... so if you have relatives in the Hoosier State, maybe give them a call lol

PS- If you do discover you won, remember you heard it here first with Shawn and Sue LOL.

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