By now you've heard that 92.7 WOBM is giving you a re-do on your tax refund - up to $5,000 to be exact - with the Refund Re-Do! Winning that much money brings so many possibilities on how to spend it! If you can't decide, don't worry - I've got some ideas on how you can spend that cash right here in Ocean County.

1 - 2,000 Gallons of Gas for Your Car

Gas in Ocean County right now is about $2.50 per gallon - if you win $5,000 with the Refund Re-do, you could buy 2,000 gallons of gas! Imagine all of the trips you could take with that much fuel in your car.

2 - 111 Season Badges to Seaside Heights

With $5,000, getting on the beach at Seaside Heights will be no issue for you and 110 of your closest friends.

3 - 3,030 Cups of 24 oz Wawa Coffee

You'll be winning some big bucks, so why not splurge for the largest size coffee that Wawa has to offer? $5,000 will buy you 3,030 cups of 24 oz coffee. Stay caffeinated, friends.

4 - 12,500 Credits at Jenkinson's Boardwalk

You'll stay busy for DAYS at Jenkinson's Boardwalk - $5,000 will get you 12,500 credits to spend at their arcades! Get that Skee Ball high score you've always dreamed of!

5 - 1,519 Packs of Pork Roll

There will be no arguments over whether it's called Pork Roll or Taylor Ham - because everyone will be so busy stuffing their faces! $5,000 will buy you 1,519 packs of Pork Roll. There are 8 slices in a pack, so that works out to be 12,152 slices. Yum!