You've probably noticed that gas prices have gone up - and it looks like they'll continue to head in that direction this Summer. For many people, Summertime at the Jersey Shore means jumping in your car and taking a trip. Rising gas prices may make this more difficult. Here are 5 ways you can save money on gas and still have a fun Summer at the Jersey Shore!

1-Skip the car and walk!

For many of us living at the Jersey Shore, walking to the beach is an option, and is part of what makes living here so great. One way to save on gas (and get some exercise) is to walk to the beach instead of driving.

2-Carpool with friends

If you're not lucky enough to live within walking distance to the beach, or if you're taking a longer trip this Summer, gather some friends and carpool. Friends always make day trips a lot more fun, and the cost of gas will be less overwhelming when it's shared between a group of people.

3-Use a Rideshare App

Technology has made it really easy to find a ride at any time, right in your fingertips! Instead of using your car when you're going somewhere that's too far to walk, but is still a shorter distance away, use a rideshare app. You won't be using your own gas to travel, and if you bring friends along, you can split the fare.

4-Public Transportation is an option

Public transportation seems to get overlooked these days. Though most people tend to take their cars in NJ, there are plenty of buses and trains available to get you around the state. This can really come in handy if you're planning a day trip to a major city. Bus/train fare can work out to be less of an expense than gas.

5-Ride your bike

They say you never forget how to ride a bike (unless you're me - I actually forgot how to ride a bike, but this could be a great chance for me to re-learn the skill!) Choosing to take your bike instead of your car will cut down your spending on gas, and like walking, it will also get you some exercise (and it will get you to your destination a little bit quicker.)

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