A few weeks back WOBM personality Ray Taylor taught us the 10 Ways You Know You Went To Private School.  Today, I am striking back with the 5 Signs You Went to Public School.  Let the class begin...


  • 1

    You Chose Your Own Clothes

    For better or for worse, your outfit was always your decision.  Whether you wanted to dress to impress or were more in favor of that 'just out of bed' look (the more popular of the options), the freedom to choose was yours.

  • 2

    One School, One Town

    Unlike private schools that will often bus students in from all over the county, public school meant that you were one town (more or less), one school, one team.  The sense of community was strong!

  • 3

    Grooming Optional

    In public school you were never criticized for experimenting with facial hair, or the hair on your head.  Much like clothes, the freedom to groom (or not) was left with the students themselves.  This wasn't always pretty, but taught many free spirits a valuable lesson and have since created some classic throwback photos.

  • 4


    Prayers (and religion in general) were kept out of the classroom.  Many of us would have to wait until C.C.D. or other night-time classes for that.

  • 5

    Days Off

    Days that the nearest private school had off, but you didn't were totally unfair, but days that the public school had off and the private school didn't were totally justifiable!

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