It seems many are questioning the decision to move forward with a fall high school sports season especially now that schools have the option to start the year with all-remote learning which many will do.

On the surface I could certainly see the argument some are making. If we can’t send our kids to school why would we think that playing football or soccer is any safer?  Fair enough.

However this is not simply a black and white issue and in this case I think the grey is why we need to at least make an effort to have a fall season.  Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Sports for high school age boys and girls have been going on for most of the summer and I am not talking about the workouts being done with high school teams. AAU, Travel, Select, whatever you want to call these clubs have been playing baseball, soccer, basketball and more.  These same 15-18 year olds have been traveling out of state to compete in tournaments against kids from all over and in most cases with their parents watching.  My guess is that many are not doing temperature checks and wearing masks and social distancing is not a priority.
  • High school athletics will be better monitored than that with coaches, athletic directors, athletic trainers and school nurses all involved to some degree. I would certainly trust them to insure health and safety over some of those whose business is youth sports.
  • High school athletes will in many cases go out of their way to remain safe because they want to play the game. What better threat from a coach or teammate than ”act irresponsibly and we are the ones who lose out.”
  • Let’s be honest. For those that are being educated remotely and many others the school day is going to end around noon.  What do you think teenagers are going to do the rest of the day, especially if there is no parent at home?  I can tell you this. Beaches will be filled with them in the month of September.  Playing sports insures they will have a place to be at a certain time each day and that’s a good thing.
  • Even in a pandemic when there may be limits on attendance. Sports still has a way to bring a school and community together like nothing else. Winning a big game against a rival produces pride and if ever there was a year in which schools need that 2020 is that year.

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