This is HUGE news!!!

We have been waiting to see what will replace some of the empty buildings along Rt. 35 South in Wall Township and now we have learned that these 5 stores/eateries are coming to a town thirsty for more shopping options!


First of all, where the old Lowes Express used to be (in the Whole Foods shopping center that was a Pathmark before the Lowes) will be an Ulta Beauty and a TJ Maxx!!!!! It's about time we have a clothes shopping option in that area other than K-Mart!

(Ulta Beauty, Facebook)

And as if that's not enough good news...

....The brand new shopping center being built where the old furniture store was demolished (across from Rook) will be a drive-thru Starbucks and...


(Aldi, Facebook)

I am still awaiting news as to what will be done with the old Circle Outlet stores and if anything will replace the closed Foodtown in Wall...but I will keep you posted. Until then, be sure to keep telling us what you would like to see come to Wall Township and maybe your requests will be seen and heard!

And, as we told you in a previous story, we are patiently awaiting the Panera Bread to be finished, on the grounds of the Acme shopping center!

(Panera Bread, Facebook)

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