It was on this day, April 14th, in 1952 that the New Jersey landscape would be changed forever.

That is when the New Jersey Legislature created the New Jersey Highway Authority, which was put in place to build the Garden State Parkway.

Of course, the Parkway would go on to become the main artery through the length of New Jersey and the longest highway in the state, starting at mile 0 in Cape May and ending at the New York State Thruway after exit 172.

The Parkway of course not only became the main connector from North and Central Jersey to the Shore, but has also become the busiest toll road in the whole country.

Interestingly, it was on the same day three years earlier, in 1949, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority was created. It was only in 2003 that both the Turnpike Authority and the Highway Authority were merged.

So, happy birthday to the Parkway! I'd say you've aged well, but...


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