Who doesn't want some good luck? Would it be easy to say that 99% of people would say "yes" to an offer of good luck? We will leave 1% out for those who are skeptical lol Even folks who are living the best life want continued success and good luck. So when we discuss ways to maybe attain some "good luck" I think most people are in.


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Bonus lucky sign for you. One of my favorite ways to feel "lucky" is to find a heads-up penny. If I spot a penny heads up I will always pick it up, you can't pass on easy "luck". If the penny is heads-down, that's a pass and I'll leave that one alone. So next time you are out, take a look down.


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5 Good Luck Signs To Keep An Eye Out For


1. Acorns: According to daytranslations.com acorns are a good luck charm, especially with having good health. "A person who carries an acorn will protect the person from pains, aches and illnesses. Persons who are already sick are said to heal quickly."

2. Ladybug: The theory here is if a ladybug lands on you it's good luck. You will have as many years of good luck as there are spots on the ladybug.

3. Butterfly: If a butterfly comes into your home it's thought to be a sign you are about to receive some important guests. According to Yahoo, "If the butterfly has bright colors, it means the visitor will bring good news relating to your love life. If the butterfly is dark -- almost black -- the visitor is bringing you good news related to your career or business."

4. Cardinals: If you get a visit from a cardinal, it's considered a sign of good luck. If you encounter a cardinal, a positive, lucky message is coming your way.

5, Shooting Star: If you see a shooting star, make a wish.



Shooting Star
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So keep looking around and I hope you find some good luck today :) If you have any "lucky" charms let us know and post your "lucky" comments below.


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