Fishing is huge in New Jersey.

The Garden State is home to hundreds of lakes, ponds, rivers, coastal regions with the bay and ocean filled with numerous species of fish. Maybe you're an experienced angler or your baiting your first hook, New Jersey is the ideal place for fishing in fresh and saltwater.

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On a good weekend it can be crowded on the lakes and the bays with so may people fishing.

New Jersey has many opportunities for anglers, including the five best fishing spots in the state, according to

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Fishing is such a relaxing sport. I'm not a fan of putting bait on the fishing pole, but my husband usually does it for me. When I was younger, I would fish so much more than I do now. And, where we live, we have so many opportunities to go fishing.

5 of the best places to fish in New Jersey

#1 - Lake Hopatcong - This is the biggest lake and the most popular lake in New Jersey. It's the number spot for fishing. It's the best bass fishing lake in the state, according to

#2 - Monksville Reservoir - This reservoir is located in West Milford, NJ. Fishing is the best offshore here along the grass edges. Bass is popular in this reservoir but there are different kinds of fish in here, also.

#3 - Swartswood Lake - This state park is located in Sussex County. It's rather small but fishing is very good here. There are bass tournaments held here with largemouth and smallmouth bass.

#4 - Waywayanda Lake - Waywayanda is a small lake in New Jersey in Vernon Township.

#5 - The Newark Watershed Lakes - Located in the northern part of New Jersey. The Newark watershed includes Echo Lake and it's said to have excellent bass fishing from this national article. Anglers must apply for a permit, pay a fee, and select a day.

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