New Jerseyans are so lucky when it comes to lakes, we're spoiled.

We have beautiful lakes here in New Jersey.

The unofficial start of the summer begins this weekend with Memorial Day weekend and from what I'm hearing we are going to have a hot summer. Find a good lake or bay and jump in. There isn't a better way to cool off in the summer.

There is so much fun at lakes, especially in the summertime. Personally, I love paddleboarding but kayaking is hugely popular in New Jersey. How about just a nice swim in a beautiful freshwater lake, that sounds nice.

What stunning lake New Jersey is one of the best in the US?

Lake Hopatcong - It is the most beautiful lake I've ever seen. It's absolutely gorgeous and it's huge. It's the largest lake in New Jersey and it's favorite for sailing and swimming. Lake Hopatcong is in Morris and Sussex County in the Garden State. It's so tranquil and beautiful with the landscape around it. Click here to learn more about this fabulous lake.

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It would be a great trip or you could camp their in their cabins on the lake. What a fun adventure it would be. There's something that everyone will love at Lake Hopatcong.

I remember growing up in Pennsylvania, we didn't have any beaches or bays near us. But, we had a lake near us, Lake Nockamixon. It was gorgeous and some wonderful memories were made there from family and friends. We would say, let's go to the lake.

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