I know there are many who believe far too much attention is paid to sports but I have always said that at its best sports serves as such a positive way to escape the reality of everyday life. The latest example of that would be the Giants unlikely run which has them just one win away from the Super Bowl.

Those I know who are diehard fans are almost giddy with delight over what’s happened with their team these last few weeks and they all seem to have smiles on their faces and an extra bounce in their step. Here we are in the dead of winter which can be the most depressing time of year but if you’re a Giants fan it’s all good right now. Water cooler talk is dominated by names like Eli Manning and Victor Cruz and coaching strategy is more likely to be discussed that the GOP campaign for President.

Giants fan

We are in an unusual situation because of our geographic proximity to both New York and Philadelphia….that is there is no such thing as one local team when it comes to pro sports. Football fans are divided between the Giants, Jets and Eagles with rooting interest partly based on who is winning but more likely tradition and location. As you head south in Ocean County you are sure to find more Eagles fans then in say Monmouth County.

Met Life Stadium

As for the two teams who call New Jersey home…well the Giants have generations of fans while those who back the Jets tend to be a bit younger. My take is that all things being equal the Giants are still the closest thing we have to a “local” team as for now Jets and Eagles fans have packed away most of their merchandise like shirts, jackets and hats. Meanwhile expect to see a ton of blue and red the rest of this week and IF the Giants win in San Francisco Sunday then you’ll have two weeks of Giants hype before the Super Bowl,

There is another positive factor to the Giants playoff run and that is its impact on the economy. Bars and restaurants benefit as many fans like to watch games with other fans in a loud and exciting atmosphere. Of course there are those who chose to watch the game at home and invite friends and neighbors. They’ll go out to local supermarkets and specialty stores and order food and desserts and even things like balloons….all helping cash registers ring at what is usually a tough time of year.

So on all fronts it’s a positive that the Giants are playing as we pass the midway point of January…let’s hope it continues right into February.



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