It's coming, SNOW - this weekend!  Are you ready, I'm not!  But tis' the Season!

I guess since we have the snow, or we're getting the snow, might as make it fun!  Sitting on my couch in my soft socks and a big blanket wrapped around me looking at the window with the snow coming down is fun for me, but I have an 11 year old that loves the snow.

Here are some awesome, different ideas to do in the snow.

We've tried all of these.

Snow Ice Cream:  **Remember to use the clean, fresh snow when it first falls, especially if you have dogs if you know what I mean.**


Trash bags for sledding:

I remember visiting one of my friends at college and they had a huge hill in their backyard and we used trash bags.  In all these years, I've never found a sled that I liked better than that trash bag.  I know for most kids, "Mom I'm not using a trash bag" - but believe me it works great!


Color the snow:

This is fun, but I never seem to put enough food coloring in.  I usually mix food coloring and Kool-Aid just so we can eat the snow, too.  Just make sure to put in either enough food coloring or Kool-Aid and remember - clean snow!  In my opinion, spray bottles work the best with this!


Building a snowman upside down can be the most fun as parents to watch.  It's just too funny watching the kids figure out how to do it.  They'll love it, trust me.  My neighborhood loves doing this!  Don't forget a pair of boots or even flip flops for the feet! The upside snowman is my favorite, it's fun and pretty darn creative!


I've tried all of these and everyone of them make for a fun afternoon.  I know it's cold in the snow but there is nothing better than seeing a child's smile and just think of the fun you'll have together.  That's what it's all about!

Do you have any "different' ideas for fun in the snow?


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